Fact-Finding Study Project on Energy Conservation in Industrial Sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Assignment Name:
Institutional Capacity Development for
Infrastructure Finance In Vietnam (“the Project”)
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Name of Employer:
Start Date: Completion Date: Approx. Value of Services:*
September 2008
March 2012
Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:
Mr. Hirohiko Sekiya, Chief Consultant, International Department, JERI
Description of the Project:
The Project intends to assist Vietnam Development Bank (VDB) in the establishment of its financial sustainability and effective banking activities.
The following four outputs are regarded as accomplishment of the Project.

  • 1. Framework of VDB’s governance is strengthened with its clear mission
  • 2. Credit risk management is improved
  • 3. Knowledge of fund mobilization and Asset Liability Management (ALM) is enhanced
  • 4. Human resource development system is strengthened
* The original amount in JPY is converted at JPY 93 to US$1.