Evaluation of Japan-Vietnam joint PPP Pilot Projects in Vietnam

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Rice Husk Power Generation Facility

“Evaluation of Japan-Vietnam joint PPP Pilot Projects in Vietnam”
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
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Start Date: Completion Date: Approx. Value of Services:
January 2010
March 2010
Description of the Project:
1. Project Summary
In order to facilitate the development of Viet Nam economy and society, the Viet Namese and the Japanese government are considering introduction of PPP as a tool for promotion of investment in infrastructure. For that purpose, they had the third party consultants to evaluate the Implementation Studies with respect to project feasibilities, appropriateness on costing/pricing, justifiable reasons for needs for supports and evaluation on level of supports.

2. TOR
  • 1) Evaluation of eligibility of candidate Pilot Projects as a PPP project and appropriateness of justifiable cause for demanding VGF.
  • 2) Evaluation of appropriate and justifiable level of VGF required for each of the proposed candidate Pilot Projects.
  • 3) Appraisal of terms and conditions of PPP infrastructure undertaking and ascertain whether the candidate Pilot Projects bring forth VFM for Vietnam.